Friday, July 8, 2011

Waste now and it will come back to haunt you later..

Dear Friends,
Good to be back.

I have always wanted to share some ideas on economic costs and how our everyday action, however trivial it may seem, impact this by using simple-to-understand language. Let me try.

Imagine the office light(s) that we leave on today, intentionally or otherwise. It may cost the office very little in electricity bill and very well cost us 'nothing'. Or is it?

The fact is that there is a cost to the economy. One unit of electricity needs to be produced to light up the bulb. And to produce that one unit of electricity, more than one unit of resource/raw material needs to be extracted (e.g. fossil fuel such as gas, coal, etc). When the resource is getting scarer, the cost to produce that one unit of electricity will inevitably have to go up and we end up paying MORE. So, if we do not consume that one unit of electricity, the resource to produce that unit can stay underground for the next person. Isn't this GREEN?

I urge everyone of us to consider twice before ordering another can of drink or extra plate of rice. We do our part today and our children will get to enjoy more of this planet that we share.

Stay healthy and waste NOT.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Dear Friends,

When I was taking a bite this afternoon, I remembered a meeting with a dear friend recently. He used the phrase ‘heaven on earth’ and pointed out that with simple, kind, everyday gestures and actions, we can all create heaven on earth.

Well, I wish you can stop whatever you are doing now. Take a minute and reflect on something (e.g. a song, phrases, a kind gesture, an event) that that has touched you deeply. A moment that may have make you cry or tear wells up in your eyes. Isn’t it wonderful if this moment can repeat in perpetuity?

Dear friends, let us take action today that will make our ‘small’ world a better place for us and people around us. I want you to take a baby step today. Smile to the very next person you see, be him/her a stranger or your loved ones. Greet that person. Do something that will make him/her feel better and trust me, it will definitely brighten your own day.

God bless you and your loved ones.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Damn if you do; damn if you don't

Dear Friends,
Have you ever been approached by 'physically challenged' individuals selling souvenirs and whatnot, while having meals at public places? I believe most of us have and believe me, most of us don't enjoy it at all. This is one of the classic cases of 'damn if you do; damn if you don't'.

Well, you see. We buy the souvenir (which is most likely useless) or donate some money because we try to help the 'individual' in our small way but if we turn him/her away, we feel guilty about not helping. At the back of our mind, there is always this little thought that some unscrupulous business people are trying to take advantage and profit from our guilt. Or are we naturally charitable or like to be seen as one? How about you?

May GOD bless you.